Have bills need money. Who doesn’t? We all do. How did this come to be? We all have stories to tell.

Unfortunately, some of us get into situations where our bills exceed the money coming in. Life just becomes more and more expensive. It’s sad but true.

We all have either rent or mortgages to pay. Utility bills keep on coming. There are gas and/or oil, electric, water, telephone both landline and wireless, the internet, cable, and probably more necessities technology will bring us in the near future. We have car payments, need gas, and need automotive repairs and maintenance. We have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and car insurance. There are also health and dental insurance payments. Life insurance is another bill to pay. Taxes. Alimony and child support are payments some need to make. The odds are I forgot something in this list. Oh, that’s right, we need a little food on the table.

How did your budget get so tight or out of control? Medical bills? Huge car repair bill? Needed a new furnace last winter? Perhaps another major appliance rolled over on its back with its little legs stiff in the air, dead as can be? Helped family or a friend? Your kid went to college but didn’t get a scholarship? Daughter got married instead of using the ladder you placed by her bedroom window so she could run off and elope? The roof needed replacing? Got laid off or downsized? Perhaps COVID hit your industry hard? Several of these items happened in a short period of time? Yeah, that’s how modern life goes.

Boy does life happen!

The bills pile up. With the bills come the high-interest rates. There is, even more, to pay on top of the debt you have incurred. Holy cow! How do you get out of all this?

Take action

It’s time to take action regarding your situation even if only a small step. The more you can do, the better you will feel. Positive steps taken will lift your spirits, motivating and inspiring you to accomplish more.

This website will be discussing some ideas to earn extra cash to start paying off those bills.

If you have a situation of your own you are welcome to add it in the comments.