How did this come to be? We all have stories to tell.

Some were laid off or company decided to downsize. Perhaps COVID hit your industry hard. Companies went bankrupt and shut down. What a disaster. There no longer is such a thing as job security.

We all run on a tight budget. It gets even tighter as life happens.

Boy does life happen!

The house needs a new roof. Your car needs a major repair. Furnace goes out mid-winter. Oh, and then the refrigerator dies in the middle of summer.

Wait, it gets worse.

Your favorite child wants to go to college. That same year your daughter decides she needs a big wedding instead of just a small one with immediate families. All while you feel it is your responsibility to provide them with all this. That is OK but it sure sets you back.

If you have a situation of your own you are welcome to add it in comments.

The bills pile up.

With the bills comes the high interest rates. There is even more to pay on top of the debt you have incurred. Holy cow! How do you get out of all this.

This site intends to give you a few ideas. If you have ideas that have worked for you please feel free to comment.

Yes, this site is still under reconstruction. Please bear with us. Thanks.